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As well as preventive maintenance, IDFIL supplies you various products:-DCAMCUT Basic v.2.0 from DCAM, a CAM software made for EDM machines. D-CAM is easy to use, ergonomic, reliable and conceived for your technicians and Charmilles machines.-Various Lamps:Due to the lake of light, It is usualy difficult to see correctly the the manufacturing. For the same reason it is also comon to loose time searching a piece or a tool in the bottom of the tray.

-Various flickering alarms to install on your machine in order to advise you when the machine stops working.(Flickering alarms like flashing lights, flashing lamps, flashes)

-Acid cleaner, a maintenance product conceived to remove all kind of dirtiness on any metals. Acid cleaner preserves your surfaces.

-Combo the waterproof pen tester to measure pH, EC (conductibility), TDS & Temperature

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*on Charmilles spare parts. IDFIL maintenance contract is required.




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