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Did you never encountered problems with post-processors or when transfering programms?

D-CAM proposes you DCAMCUT Basic v.3.0 a CAM software made for EDM machines. D-CAM is easy to use, ergonomic, reliable and conceived for your technicians and Charmilles machines.

Forget obsolete softwares and old post-processors, DCAMCUT Basic v.3.0 will seduce you. Let you convinced firstly by its incredible price and secondly by its exceptional qualities.

Wire-EDMing is one of the key technologies of die and mold making. DCAM Ingenieurbetrieb GmbH of Berlin, Germany, has an extensive expertise in CAM wire-EDMing of over 25 years. Both of the fully in Autodesk and thinkdesign integrated version as well as the Solo system are based on the same EDM kernel and guarantee optimal control programs.

DCAMCUT use as platform modern CAM soft like AutoCAD and Thinkdesign.

DCAMCUT works also with all wire-EDM machines from AGIE, BROTHER, EXERON, FANUC, HITACHI, JAPAX, MAKINO, MITSUBISHI, ONA, SEIBU, SODICK with custom-tailored NC processors.

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Exemple of screen shoot:

DAO easy with modern platform as AutoCad or Thinkdesign (and others)

Practical file/pieces/operations managing

Macros easy to use

3D View with Autocad

3D optimization with powerfull Thinkdesign CAM

3D Simulation

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-Visit www.DCAM.de

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